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Jul 11, 2018

C. Melita Webb is a visually impaired author with CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome) who writes about having faith through the struggles and transforming your life through affirmations. Her experience with losing vision has shaped her own journey, inspired her to give others hope and share how she is learning to live a different life. What has helped get her through the days of struggle is maintaining her faith in God and finding the positive in her new way of being. With a vision to inspire people to celebrate joy, foster understanding, reflect on life circumstances and define possibilities. She has published four books so far sharing her love for humanity in all stages of life, reminding people how much they are in God’s eyes, motivating and moving people out of the sadness they may be experiencing. She believes that you can keep hope alive when you find the meaning behind your own struggle. She wants people to know that no one is alone in this world and that everyone has a voice and sometimes you need to be reminded of that voice.


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What would you tell a person who just found out that he or she has lost visual ability?
Jul 13, 3:39PM EDT0

That life will change and life will be ok. Vision loss Will be difficult and may seem hard at first, you may find moments of sadness, hurt and even anger. It’s ok to feel everything you will go through. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone who loves you will be there for you. There are lots of people, organizations, programs, technologies scholarships and more available to help you reorganize and create a new vision for your life. Be ready to put in the work to make new dreams. You will be just fine. 

Jul 13, 7:21PM EDT0
Where do you spend your time? In the future or past or present? And why?
Jul 13, 3:37PM EDT0

I spend my time In the present, though I love family history and family genealogy. I ocassionally write poetry and short fiction about what it would be like to meet family members from previous generations. I think living and focusing in the present helps me live and appreciate my life more. 

Jul 13, 7:06PM EDT0
Why do you think some people give up easily? What should they rethink before giving up on life?
Jul 12, 10:59PM EDT0

I’m not sure it’s easy for anyone ever to give up. I think some dont feel loved, needed or wanted.  Others don’t know how to love themselves. Some see no hope for themselves or any hope for a positive future. Some have mental illnesses, substance disabilities and other impairments that make their life seem difficult to bear. Others may be tired of living with Chronic Illness, there are so many reasons and probably no two people could give you a clear answer. I think a lot if people are missing hope. They have lost the ability to hope and to dream of brighter days. Sometimes there is no known answer to why people who seem to have it all, choose to give up on life. If I knew, I would share the answer. If I had the chance to talk with someone about to give up, I would tell them, “Life gets better and you can get help to make it better. You do not have to live in mental/emotional or physical pain. Your life matters and you are needed in this world. Think about the fact that you are unique and you have gifts and talents that no one else can share with the world but you. The hole that would be left in your family and friends heart will never fully heal. We need you to choose to survive. We need you to live.” 

Jul 13, 6:03PM EDT0
Do you read when you are writing and if yes, how do you read? What are you reading now?
Jul 12, 10:56PM EDT0

I do not write or speak poetry and essays into my recorder everyday. I do try to listen to books, podcast,  or articles everyday. Mostly inspirational information, the Bible on tape and I’m currently listening to “Choices, Changes” by Joni Eareckson Tada, I switch between that book and “Jesus Calling” by  Sara Young. When I’m inspired and dictating I do not listen to other writers because I want my heart to flow freely on the page and not be distracted.

Jul 13, 6:27PM EDT0
Do you ever find people are more condescending to you as a result of your condition?
Jul 12, 4:58PM EDT0

Actually when I first started I did not tell anyone about my health challenges. It was a mentor who mentioned I could help more readers by sharing my life challenges. Even then, it took me another year to get comfortable discussing my impairments. I have never received a condescending comment

Jul 12, 10:12PM EDT0
Is there any poet or poem close to your heart? If so, what's the reason for the choice?
Jul 12, 2:23PM EDT0

Maya Angelou was the first living poet I was introduced to in elementary school. She’s been my favorite every since. I have read or listened to almost every book she wrote. Her poetry, novels and life example speaks to my heart and my soul. I feel connected to Maya Angelou when I read her books. When I write, I often think of her. My favorite poem of her’s is “Still I Rise.” The poem  speaks of being strong, determined, unrelenting and persevering through life circumstances. 

Jul 13, 7:29PM EDT0
Who are your biggest inspirations in life? Anyone in the family or an idol?
Jul 12, 11:30AM EDT0

As a young girl I loved learning about Maya Angelou’s story of being young and growing up in the south during the “Jim Crow” period. She has remained one of my heroes or over 40 years. Seeing how she and her family dealt with life trials, their fight for survival and their love for one another, always touched me. I also liked Cesar Chavez. I think his fight to help people, impressed upon me that people are stronger together and the fact that everyone has some type of struggle. Alex Haley’s book on genealogy and slavery “Roots” inspired me to become a young genealogist in my early teens, the love of family history has stayed with me all my life. The civil rights freedom fighters in the 1960’s also inspired me. 

Jul 14, 12:00AM EDT0
Where do you see your writing career going toward in the future?
Jul 12, 11:30AM EDT0

I would love to write poetry for children. Children’s poetry is fun and I think it would be exciting to publish a children’s book series. I dream of speaking to others with challenges and encouraging them to persevere through life’s problems. I would like to share more of my writing, perhaps release some of my novellas, short stories and sci-fi. Two of my biggest goals are to inspire the next generation and help make a positive change in society. 

Jul 12, 9:59PM EDT0

What was the process like for organizing your thoughts into poems, essays and finally published books?

Jul 12, 8:58AM EDT0

When I’m inspired many of the poems just flow into each other. I could speak 10-15 poems that fit beautifully into one chapter. After I have enough poems on the same topic and they are set into chapters, I think of essays, notes and letters that I’ve written. I listen to them and find pieces that will blend well and enhance the readers experience. Then I listen to the full project. If it is motivating and inspiring then it goes to the first set of editors. If they like it too, we start the search for a book cover. Then it goes to a copy editor for final reviews. Not every book concept is submitted to an editor or published. 

Jul 12, 10:38PM EDT0

When I’m inspired many of the poems just flow into each other. I could speak 10-15 poems that fit beautifully into one chapter. After I have enough poems on the same topic and they are set into chapters, I think of essays, notes and letters that I’ve written. I listen to them and find pieces that will blend well and enhance the readers experience. Then I listen to the full project. If it is motivating and inspiring then it goes to the first set of editors. If they like it too, we start the search for a book cover. Then it goes to a copy editor for final reviews. Not every book concept is submitted to an editor or published. Then we upload to and

Jul 13, 5:46PM EDT0

What’s the hardest part about being blind? How do you try to think beyond your difficulties?

Jul 12, 8:29AM EDT0

The amount of pain is far more debilitating then the loss of vision. Learning to adapt is an ongoing experience. Sometimes I forget how much a cannot see and I walk into things, burn myself or trip. I think beyond the difficulties by focusing on my faith, my family and writing. 

Jul 12, 3:39PM EDT0
What do you want readers to take away from your books and inspirational essays?
Jul 11, 10:03PM EDT0

My goal is to touch the reader deeply and help them see themselves in my words. I want to help them communicate more freely with our Heavenly Father. I want them to understand that they are not alone. My wish for my readers is that they feel a closer connection with God, increased confidence and a deeper since of purpose.

Jul 11, 10:52PM EDT0
How has your experience been writing for your blog? What is the best compliment have you received from your fans?
Jul 11, 11:00AM EDT0

My pain and vision do not allow me to actively blog. I do have a team who help me communicate daily with my readers via our Facebook , instagram, Pinterest and Twitter @cmelitawebbpoem. Connecting with readers is inspiring and enjoyable. The best compliment was in my first fan letter “ I could see the light of faith leaned on your words. I felt as if the poems were written to me personally. The poems inspired me as a sister, a wife and a friend. You will never know how much you touched my heart.” By Corrine B. 

Jul 11, 10:25PM EDT0
How does your family deal with your visual disability? How important has their support been in this entire journey?
Jul 11, 5:35AM EDT0

My family is very understanding and their help is crucial to my daily functioning. They have helped me every step of the way. In fact it was a family member‘s encouragement and request that resulted in the first book being published. 

Jul 11, 7:07AM EDT0
What specific advice do you have for low-vision or visually disabled writers?
Jul 11, 5:05AM EDT0

Do not give up. Find a way to keep writing to express what lives in your heart. Everyone has gifts and if you feel one of your gifts is writing, share it with the world. No two people ever see the same thing and people appreciate authenticity. Someone is waiting to hear your voice. You can start with a tape recorder, smart phone application or dictate using Dragon Natually Speaking. Get a friend, family member or virtual assistant to do what you can’t see to do: editing, compile manuscript etc and make your dream come true. I started writing on an iPod. It doesn’t matter what you use, just get started. Writing can be heart healing and emotionally freeing. Writing can open up a whole new world for you. Listen to books on tape or read via Braille it will help you become a better writer. Write for yourself, for the love of writing or as a way to deal with life circumstances. 

Jul 11, 7:27AM EDT0
What made you want to write supportive essays and inspirational poetry? Where do you draw most of your ideas from?
Jul 11, 3:55AM EDT0

While dealing with my health issues and the CRPS pain it made it really hard to effectively communicate. So in the moments when I could fight the pain enough to think, I just started speaking freely into my iPod everything that was in my heart. I noticed there was this poetic flow to it. I shared my thoughts with my family and they shared my thoughts with their friends. Initially we were just including poetry in the books, but readers really responded to the “essays of thought.” So gradually we started adding more motivational and supportive essays. I write what I think we need to hear most. I listen to societal issues, news and readers thoughts to pick topics. 

Jul 11, 11:24PM EDT0

What is it like living with a vision disability? What do you like to do for entertainment?

Jul 11, 3:44AM EDT0

It’s a daily challenge. There were so many things I took for granted, like pretty blue skies, softn white clouds, rain drops, tree leaves and the stars in the sky. Now I value every moment of life more.  I’m thankful for everything that I can see and everything that I can do. Sometimes it’s frustrating, definitely inconvenient and sometimes it’s sad. My entertainment is books, magazines from the talking book library and spending time with my puppy. I like Listening to podcasts, the radio and listening to music. 

Jul 11, 7:40AM EDT0
How much of your poetry do you “receive”, especially being the spiritually inclined person that you are?
Jul 11, 2:50AM EDT0

Hello, I’m not sure that I’ve ever sat down to tried to figure out specifically when something was received. Though I have had moments when I clearly had no idea what I was going to write and words came to me. It’s usually when I’m putting together a memorial for someone that I love, that I feel most directed. I don’t believe I felt it in any of the essays. It is when I’m in an deep emotional state and searching my heart, that I feel His spirit in my words.  Sometimes when I’m sleep answers and directions will come to me in my subconscious mind. Thoughts of how something should flow and when I wake up things are crystal clear and I believe that is His spirit guiding me. 

Jul 11, 9:13PM EDT0

How do you manage to write if you can’t see? Do you always have someone with you? What are the mechanics of it?

Jul 10, 7:53PM EDT0

I have an iPad and use the built in speech to text functions. Other times I use a basic recording function/application.  I listen for the errors and I have a lot of helpers who edit and correct the errors before the manuscript goes to a copy editor. And yes, there is always someone with me.  We go through several rounds of editing and advance reader copies of book drafts. 

Jul 10, 8:25PM EDT0

What kind of resources are there for blind or visually impaired writers? Is there a network out there? Meet-ups? Communities that one could join?

Jul 10, 6:25PM EDT0

There are a lot of different groups for impaired writers and writers with disabilities.  Facebook makes connecting with the blind and visually impaired community fairly easy. I have never tried any meet-ups. The demand for groups and services for impaired writers is growing. The technology makes it pretty easy to be included in seeing groups too. 

Jul 14, 12:15AM EDT0
Do you have any particular audience in mind when you write, an ideal reader?
Jul 10, 5:37PM EDT0

Since my love of literature is framed by poetry, inspiration and self-help, I tend to think of people who might enjoy what I enjoy. So I speak freely about what’s in my heart and mind, then I send it to editors and we modify it so that it’s more appropriate for a broader audience. The majority of my thoughts are always written to myself, my sister or God and by doing that I know that what I am sharing is heartfelt, encouraging it’s going to be the most beneficial for any reader who enjoys inspirational poetry.

Jul 10, 6:55PM EDT0
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