AMA about new book launch for "The Sinclair Witch" by independent author NK Vir.

N.K. Vir
Jul 15, 2018

I am a writer who has independently published three books.  Ask me about my writing process, how I get my ideas, my characters (who's my favorite, etc.), how I come up with my cover art, and even if I prefer paper or computer.  I'm also a blogger who will write about anything from food (die-hard vegetarian), to gardening, to what I see out my window.  Anything concerning writing or my books is fair game.


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Writers are often believed to have a Muse, your thoughts on that?
Jul 17, 9:37AM EDT0

As a writer of fantasy fiction which is heavily based in mythology...uh...Yes.  It's more a spirit then an actual being.  I feel creative.  I see stories forming in my head (it can get cluttered in there sometimes).  A fantastic sentence will pop off my pen.  These things are untangible, but they are the essence of my muse.  I don't have a physical being that inspires me to write like an artist might have a model that inspires them to create art.

Jul 17, 9:50AM EDT0
Did you ever change sentences more than five times just because it didn’t hit the right notes?
Jul 17, 9:10AM EDT0


I start writing on paper and then type.  I've had to stop myself from editing while typing in the rough draft more than once.  Then I edit each chapter as it's written in.  Then I edit in chapter groups.  Then I print and edit a hard copy.  Then I once again read the entire book on the computer.  There has been more than once that I've changed a sentence or moved a sentence in each of these editing phases.  Often I end up where I started.

Jul 17, 9:48AM EDT0
What is that one thing you think readers generally don’t know about your specific genre?
Jul 17, 8:34AM EDT0

The rules of the world we live in do not apply to paranormal fantasy, and fantasy.  In fact there are no rules; just the ones the author choses to invent.  In fantasy anything goes.  For example I have a shadowy vampire lurking just off set in my latest book "The Sinclair Witch".  He doesn't drink blood, he absorbs energy or rather he eats auras.  Modern culture tells us that the vampire is a blood drinker.  But, my book, my rules.

Jul 17, 9:54AM EDT0
Why did you choose that interestingly provocative title?
Jul 17, 5:56AM EDT0

The working title of the book was "The HIstory of Magick", but I thought there would be some confusion and readers would believe the book was fiction.  I settled on "The Sinclair Witch" because it is a title, a role, that the main character Kieran Sinclair needs to accept and understand.

Jul 17, 9:45AM EDT0

How long have you been writing about your own things? What did you write about back in the day?

Jul 16, 8:08PM EDT0
Do you have any plans for further books of this sort, or is this a one-off?
Jul 16, 7:00PM EDT0

I left myself open.  The story still has questions that could be answered but did not need to be.  It's possible that "The Sinclair Witch" could become book one in a new series.

Jul 17, 9:43AM EDT0
What was your steepest learning curve during the current publishing process?
Jul 16, 6:21PM EDT0


Because it's been two years since publishing I had to re-learn kindle's format.  Luckily I'm a quick learner.  I did things a bit differently this time as well as I used the cloud to save my progress and had to convert some files to pdf form before publishing.  I have to go back through the process again to get my book into paperback as well.  It's all new to me this time around.

Jul 17, 9:57AM EDT0
What do you think are the main pitfalls for indie writers?
Jul 15, 11:01PM EDT0

Editing and promotion.

I've read and continue to read many indie authors and there is almost always a mistake of two.  They're not glaring, a word may be the wrong word; for example: there instead of their.  Formating errors are common as well (it happened on my first book).  Indie authors will employ a bunch of beta readers to overcome this, but even then, it's not a trained eye.

Promoting is another worry for many indie authors as well.  The money just isn't there to push out big ad campaigns.  You might have written the next best selling book but it no one knows about it?  Well it's just going to sit and collect electronic dust.

Jul 16, 9:51AM EDT0
Who are some of your favorite authors that have in some way influenced your work and what are the specifics of said influence?
Jul 15, 10:16AM EDT0


I love his characters, of course who doesn't, but it's his use of mythos.  It's amazing the way he was able to combine pieces of established lore and create a world that feels real.  In truth he created his own unique mythology.

  You believe his characters, you understand their history, and you pity the ones you are supposed to hate.  His female characters are strong and fierce; an idea, that at the time was probably leaps ahead of conventional thinking.

Jul 15, 10:36AM EDT0
What can you share about The Sinclair Witch without ruining the plot? What genre is it? What is it about?
Jul 15, 3:47AM EDT0

Genre first:  New Adult Paranormal Fantasy (wow that's a mouth full)

"The Sinclair Witch":

Follows the journey of Kieran Sinclair and his best friend Rosemary 'Wills' Willows as they discover that magick in the world is real.  They discover that they both have pasts that have been hidden from them and given an unusal set of circumstances are forced to muddle through a world filled with rogue vampires, legendary beings, out-of-control werewolves and the mysterious Adam.

Jul 15, 11:09AM EDT0
What famous author do you wish would be your mentor and why?
Jul 15, 2:13AM EDT0

I'd love a few hours with Stephen King.  As a fellower New Englander and a master writer with decades of experience I can only imagine what secrets and advice he could impart on a newbie to the literary world.  He is one of the few masters, in my opinion, who has written for nearly his entire life and continues to remain relevant.  He's been rejected and accepted and is always giving advice to writers.  If I was honest I would probably become a studdering mess if I were ever to meet him in real life.

Jul 15, 11:17AM EDT0

What was your favorite scene to write and what is it about this scene that you enjoyed?

Jul 14, 11:19PM EDT0

My favorite scene...Hmmm...

Probably the chapter entitled 'Just a Walk in the Woods'.

The scene just flew as my pen seemed to be connected directly to my pen.  (yes, most of my writing is done pen to paper first).  In the chapter you begin to get a sense of Kieran's character, what he likes and how much he's grown up over the years.  In a way he parallels the journey we all go through as we may hate things in our youth that we look back on fondly once we attain the wisdom of advancing years.  Through him I was able to relate some of my own memories of a place and a time that was very special to me.

Jul 15, 10:55AM EDT0
Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or is it purely imagination?
Jul 14, 10:13PM EDT0

I've met some amazing witches and learned the basics of elemental magick from them; some of their teachings and ideas are present in the book.  They see and feel magick working and I try to express that in a world where magick does exist.

  For the most part "The Sinclair Witch" is just imagination with tiny pieces of truth woven in.  For example, the relationship between the two main characters, Kieran Sinclair and Rosemary Willows, is based on my own relationship with my husband and best friend.  I find a tiny bit of truth mixed with a large amount of imagination makes for a good, believable story.

My previous books, "The Silent Goddess" and "The Screaming Stone" are slightly more realistic in that there are pieces of real history, real places and a mish-mash of people and characters that I knew in Salem.

Jul 15, 10:48AM EDT0

Thank you all for your early quesions you can find my latest books as well as my Otherworld Series on Amazon follow me on Instagram @nkvirauthor and on Facebook! Don't forget to check out my blogs on and Goodreads (under my author page N.K. Vir) and consider becoming a member of my Patreon page for exclusives and a bit of swag!  

Keep the questions coming!

Jul 14, 9:59PM EDT0
Do you have a favorite character that you have written? If so, who? And what makes him/her special to you?
Jul 14, 8:41PM EDT0

Knackers, from my Otherworld Series.  (Actually quite a few of my supporting characters in "The Silent Goddes" and "The Screaming Stone" were my favorites.)

Knackers is a Scottish fae creature similar to a puss-in-boots.  He is a fierce friend, adds wisdom (often in the form of comic relief) and his looks, as well as his attitude, were based on my cat of 16 years who recently passed.  He is a bit yoda-like at times and always seems to get the best lines.  He is quite a quotable character.

Jul 15, 10:23AM EDT0

What did you enjoy the least about writing The Sinclair Witch? What was the most difficult part of the writing process for you?

Jul 14, 12:28PM EDT0

It was the first time I experienced series writer's block that would last for days; cropping up during very important scenes in the book.  There's nothing like not being able to write the climatic scene.  I powered through and actually skipped ahead, leaving that chapter unwritten until inspiration finally hit and I was able to get back to business.  Sometimes inspiration hits in the most unusual places. 

Jul 15, 10:28AM EDT0
What does literary success look like to you?
Jul 14, 8:20AM EDT0

Every writer's dream...a best sellers list.

Jul 15, 10:38AM EDT0
Where do you draw inspiration from?
Jul 14, 7:52AM EDT0

Dreams, strange reality tv, mythology and music.  Music is especially a big one.  Each book I write demands a certain style of music, for example in my first book "The Silent Goddess" I was obsessed with Apocolyptica; whereas "The Sinclair Witch" craved AC/DC and Zepplin.  

I also draw heavily from myth, the themes and stories of long forgotten legend drive the many themes and characters in my books.  

Jul 14, 10:03PM EDT0
What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?
Jul 14, 4:42AM EDT0

A good story that is wrapped in a bit of truth and covered with a thick layer of imagination.  Characters that you love, characters that you hate and characters that your just not sure about.  A few real places and many unreal places that make the reader believe that they too might find a secret world just outside their own front door.

If one of my books takes you away for a few hours and makes you forget the ordinary then I have done my job.

Jul 15, 11:13AM EDT0
What do you think about the e-book revolution?
Jul 14, 2:53AM EDT0

I wish I had been one of the original indie authors to get their foot in the door!  

Jul 14, 10:00PM EDT0
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