AMA about my Childrens book, I Lost my Laugh.

Dec 4, 2017

Have you ever lost your laugh? Well, we will discuss how I lost mine and created a Laugh World from a simple act of chance. Also, How that chance has taken me to new levels of sucess. I will discuss taking a chance on yourself and reaching your goal. Targeting your audience and making new connection. Also, how to manage the stress of a project. You can AMA.


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Do you have your own website?

Dec 8, 8:32PM EST0

No I'm working on it now. I have a Facebook page. I Lost my Laugh 

Dec 8, 8:45PM EST0

Why you choose the title  'I lost my laugh' ?

Dec 7, 10:24AM EST0

It actually started as a joke I told a friend and he didn't laugh. I asked him why didn't he laugh? He responded it was funny but I can't laugh. I said, you lost your laugh and the story popped in my head. And kept that as a title

Dec 8, 8:41PM EST0

How many books have you written?

Dec 5, 2:44AM EST0

6 but only 3 are published 

Dec 5, 12:02PM EST0

How to cope up with stress?

Dec 3, 12:00AM EST0

I separate from the world. I take a ride and talk out my issues with God or go to the beach and scream at the ocean. Most of all I handle what I can and pray for what I can't.

Dec 5, 12:06PM EST0

Do you need to be a specialist in children development or teacher to make quality children books?

Dec 1, 11:58AM EST0

No. I have no education background. I just happened to write something that the teachers love for their students

Dec 5, 12:23PM EST0

How does one brings back their laughter and never lose it again?

Nov 26, 10:16PM EST0

What are your Top 5 favorite books?

Nov 16, 7:47AM EST0

I actually don't have any.

Dec 5, 12:25PM EST0

What feedback have you received about the book so far?

Nov 14, 9:00AM EST0

A lot from schools and parents. My books were chosen for the authors in schools program because of the site words kids are learning. Also, for hospitals and a few other foundations. It's been all good feedback so I guess I did something right.. lol

Nov 14, 9:51AM EST0

Do you write just books or you have a blog/other publications you contribute to?

Nov 14, 9:00AM EST0

Just books but I am working on a YouTube channel. 

Nov 14, 9:48AM EST0

Since you mentioned – how do you manage stress?

Nov 14, 9:00AM EST0

Separate from the world. I either go on a long drive and talk to God or go to the beach and scream at the ocean. Than pick apart all issues. If it's something I can handle then I handle it. Everything else I pray for it.

Nov 14, 9:47AM EST0

Did you dream of being a writer as a kid?

Nov 14, 9:00AM EST0

Yes but I thought I'd be writing music. But I always wanted to do something positive for the kids so I took my songwriting talent and made it for the little ones.

Nov 14, 9:42AM EST0

When did you start writing?

Nov 14, 9:00AM EST0

As a kid. My mother would make me read to my siblings, and after I read all the books she would say, make something up. And the art of storytelling stuck with me.

Nov 14, 9:39AM EST0

Did many people try to discourage you from writing? What kept you going?

Nov 14, 5:39AM EST0

No, I have a great group of people behind me. I will say that it wasn't people, it was me who discouraged myself because I wasn't in a spot I thought I should have been. So I self reflected and remapped my quest and that gave me new hope.

Nov 14, 7:33AM EST0

Did you self publish it?

Nov 14, 5:20AM EST0

Yes through create space. I received so many no's that I had to do it. But it was a great decision.

Nov 14, 7:35AM EST0

What has been the best way to market your book?

Nov 14, 4:32AM EST0

Word of mouth. I'v had T.V. interviews, radio interviews, but there is nothing like word of mouth.

Nov 14, 7:36AM EST0

Have you written any other books?

Nov 14, 3:58AM EST0

Yes. I'm currently working on the 3rd book to end this series and then will start a new one. I have three other children's book I have written but not published yet.

Nov 14, 7:41AM EST0

Do you have kids? If so – do you read them your books?

Nov 14, 2:54AM EST0

Yes I do. I have two. And yes I do. They're my focus group...lol

Nov 14, 7:42AM EST0

What is the hardest thing about writing a book?

Nov 13, 12:16PM EST0

For me it's keeping the audience engaged. Making sure I can deliver better than the first book.

Nov 13, 12:49PM EST0

Who did the drawings for the book?

Nov 13, 8:36AM EST0

I did my own illustrations. Took me forever to draw but 5 minutes to write the story..lol

Nov 13, 12:48PM EST0

How do you lose your book?

Nov 13, 7:30AM EST0

I came up with the concept after I told a joke to a friend and he didn't laugh. He said it was funny but he couldn't laugh. And the story popped in my head.

Nov 13, 12:51PM EST0

What is the inspiration behind the book?

Nov 13, 5:43AM EST0

Just never losing site of what makes you happy. Always chasing your laughter. The pursuit of happiness but enjoying the people and trip along the way

Nov 13, 12:54PM EST0

You talk about audience then I always think writing is a talent so can’t be done by request, as in you write what you feel/think then the audience comes itself. How do you see that working?

Nov 13, 5:41AM EST0

It's worked so far. First, a lot of people will come because it's something new. The goal is to keep them a fan of your writings. So you have to know your audience but also not lose sight of what you are doing or trying to create. Balance is how it works.

Nov 14, 7:48AM EST0

Who is your favourite author and why?

Nov 13, 5:32AM EST0

I honestly don't have one but Dr.Suess influenced me the most. That's why all my books rhyme. I learned a lot easier with that style of writing. 

Nov 13, 12:56PM EST0

Do you think people read enough these days?

Nov 13, 4:16AM EST0

Not in the traditional form as how I grew up. I believe people has adapted to the reading style of technology now and days.

Nov 13, 7:39AM EST0

That is a very funny idea! Is the book aimed at children or adults or both?

Nov 12, 8:03PM EST0

Aimed towards children.

Nov 13, 7:40AM EST0

Can one make a living by writing nowadays (not talking of world famous authors, those are 1 in millions evidently)?

Nov 12, 6:05PM EST0

Yes. It depends on the outlet and your ambition.  You can make it but you have to put in the work. It's a struggle to get to that level of success but once you get your wave moving it's hard to stop

Nov 13, 7:42AM EST0
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