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Bernice Erehart
Sep 15, 2018

Bernice Erehart - Bio

Out of Time began as a 35-page short story in the summer of 2012. By September of that year I let a friend read it, and it was because of her encouragement that it should be a novel, I began to think of it that way too. I wasn’t really sure I could do it, but I love a challenge. I had never written a full novel before, short stories were my thing. But almost a year to the day I finished, my short story was now a novel. And I set out to find representation. But after many non-acknowledgments and many rejections, some of which didn’t even have my name on them, I decided to take a break. In the meantime a friend on Facebook announced that her first novel was being published.So of course I had to get the scoop. She told me how she found a small publisher through Facebook and told me how I could do it too. I joined many groups and sent the manuscript to a few I liked after reading their websites and/or Facebook pages. Two never got back to me (glad I copyrighted it) and one loved it. He told me he was in the military and stationed in Okinawa. I wasn’t sure, but since he offered editing and formatting services and everything is electronic anyway, and I really wanted to be published I signed a contract with him for a year. Well, the first edition of Out of Time was a master disgrace to publishing but on February 4th 2014 I was available on Amazon. He had offered editing and formatting services but it seems that it was too big a job for him. After six months he decided he couldn’t be my publisher anymore and he quit, leaving me to learn how to self-publish. Long story short, a friend and I taught ourselves the art of editing and formatting, and the 2nd edition was born. As a self-publisher I had more control over my royalties and marketing. I bought several copies of the new and improved Out of Time and hit the road, so to speak. I began by taking a table at the Collingswood Auction and met many people who listened to me talk about my book. Some bought, some did not. But they listened and I was addicted.I took my extravaganza to craft shows and vendor events around the state and talked to more people and sold more books. Because I did that and I was still available on Amazon I accumulated a few decent reviews which I have included in this packet. I am also proud to say I am international, and to prove it I have included my 2 reviews from And I’m happy to report I have a rating of 4 ½ stars.

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What makes your book special, in your opinion?
Sep 16, 11:34PM EDT0

Time travel is not new to science fiction. What makes my book special, in my opinion is the characters. I love my characters, I love that Emily is telling the story as if she is sitting with a friend having a cup tea. I think I would still like it if another author wrote it. But it's special because it's my baby. My first, and that can never be taken away from me.

Sep 17, 1:59AM EDT0
Are there any website or resources that have been helpful to you as a writer?
Sep 15, 5:02PM EDT0

When I started writing my short story The Hitman Club I began my research on the web. I will not leave a link to any of the websites, because all of the sites I read strongly suggested I not go into that line of work - so I didn't.

Sep 15, 5:17PM EDT0

Where can we get your books?

Sep 15, 1:19PM EDT0
What would the main character in your book Out of Time have to say about you?
Sep 15, 12:53PM EDT0

There are actually 2 main characters in Out of Time. There's Emily, Emily LeighAnn Gibbons who is a 21st century born and raised Jersey girl turning 50 years old as she begins to tell her story. And there's Sam Malone, 53 year old psychic healer from the 23rd century. 

Emily would say we're more like sisters than writer and made up characters. LOL

Sam is in love with Emily. He also has a born and raised Jersy girl wife in the 23rd century so he'd say he has a type. A Jersey girl type. LOL

Sep 15, 1:11PM EDT0
Have you ever seen Dr. Who? If so, what are your thoughts?
Sep 15, 8:13AM EDT0

Are you as curious as I am to see a woman play Dr. Who?

Sep 15, 11:25AM EDT0
What would be a dream come true for you regarding your book Out of Time?
Sep 15, 6:24AM EDT0

My dream regarding Out of Time would be to have book signings at Barnes and Noble's all over the country. 

Sep 15, 11:21AM EDT0
Have you written any other stories related with time traveling? Would that be something that you’d like to do?
Sep 15, 2:06AM EDT0

In 1974 when I was senior in high school I read A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury for the first time. That story inpired me to write Homer and the General.

Homer Johnson is the amusement critic for a magazine called 'Let's Have Fun'. HIs job is to check out local amusements and write about them. He hears of this one called 'Doorways to the Past' and it's a ride that advertises ‘Imagine what it would be like to experience the events you’ve only heard about, to be there as it happens. Witness the greatest moments of yesterday. Be in attendance as the Declaration of Independence is signed. Be there as President Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address. Can you visualize the Mayflower sailing into Plymouth Harbor? Reverently observe the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Follow your destiny, or history will pass you by a second time if you let it. Observe red-letter-days first hand. On the ride of your life.’

Anywhere, for only $999.00. Seems like a fair price to go anywhere, right? Of course he's skeptical, until it really happens.

Homer decides he wants to meet his hero George Washington, and that's exactly what he does. But Homer disobeys the rules and on his return he is compelled to get back to that time and make things right.

Of course, I thought that was where the story ended, but in 2013 I wrote a sequel to Homer and the General called Homer and the Declaration. I published the 2 part short story collection caled Homer in Time, but I've since retired it.

I retired Homer in Time because I am now writing another chapter in the Homer saga called Homer and the Midnight Ride. I will publish again and call it simply Homer.

But I must tell you this about my Homer stories, they are are historically accurate. Right up to the point where I start making stuff up. LOL

Sep 15, 11:20AM EDT0

Do you think time travel is circular, or does it still constantly move forward, even if someone is jumping back in time (because their own personal universe is still moving forward)? How do you resolve paradoxes?

Sep 14, 9:53PM EDT0

I think time travel is circular. 

As far as paradoxes are concerned, Sam and Emily (2 main characters) have a conversation about them in chapter 11 of the book. Emily is telling the story.

“Isn’t that changing history? Wouldn’t that create a paradox or something?” I asked.

“This isn’t a movie. It’s not science fiction. Just because somebody thinks it might happen, doesn’t mean it will,” he explained gently. “We did some testing before we sold the first pieces of gold and silver, and it really didn’t make that much of a difference. We just had to be sure we didn’t sell anything from this time period. You know, make sure it doesn’t belong to anyone who is, say, still alive.”

Wala, no paradox. LOL

Sep 14, 10:29PM EDT1
What pitfalls have you experienced being a fantasy writer?
Sep 14, 12:35PM EDT0

My only pitfall is that I haven't sold many books - marketing cost money and I'm pretty poor.

Last edited @ Sep 15, 12:52AM EDT.
Sep 14, 10:03PM EDT0
How much time did you dedicate to write your book and what were the obstacles you face while doing so?
Sep 14, 3:28AM EDT0

It took me a year, almost to the day to finish Out of Time. So far the least anount of time to finish one. LOL

Pitfals? Work, life, family, shopping, sleeping... I could go on but I'm sure you get where I'm going with this.

Sep 14, 10:38PM EDT0
If you were forced to live the rest of your life as one of the characters of Out of Time who would it be?
Sep 13, 6:22PM EDT0

I would not choose to be Emily. Emily is a feisty Jersey girl with some attitude, and I'm already a feisty Jersey girl with attitude.

So I would choose to be Boo, Bonnie Olive Olsen. Boo is the only female psychic healer who travels thru time. Except for the fact that she's been in love with Arthur (the bad guy) since childhood I wrote her to very smart and very sexy. Two things I have always wished to be. 

As a psychic from the 23rd century, Boo who is in her 50s would be carded at any bar in the country. She is absolutely beautiful with very strong thighs. She would make a straight girl...

Boo could travel thru time meeting all the best men and women. Celebrities, millionaires, and the common Joe. She could have anyone and everyone. I'd live the fantasy life.

Sep 13, 7:35PM EDT0
If you could go anywhere, be anyone, do anything for 24 hours, what would it be?
Sep 13, 6:17PM EDT0
What are your favorite time-traveling books and why?
Sep 13, 4:49PM EDT0

Somewhere in Time by Richard Matheson - I always believed in destiny and it was clear that Elise and Richard were always meant to be together. I'm a girl, what did you expect?

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger - Clare met her future husband at age 6.. it's the destiny thing again. And I loved the way it was written, in 2 prostectives. 

A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury - I read this the first time in 1974 (a senior in high school) and I was swept away in science fiction. 

Millennium by John Varley - probably the most interesting take on time travel I've read.

The Langoliers by Stephen King. Doesn't really make my top five, but Stephen King is one of my favorite authors.

Last edited @ Sep 13, 10:33PM EDT.
Sep 13, 6:06PM EDT0
How do you deal with criticism? Has anyone given you bad critics about Out of Time?
Sep 13, 2:16PM EDT0

I have never delt with criticism well. I'm not sure anybody really does. I've been lucky that I haven't gotten any (real) really bad reviews on Out of Time. There was this one 1 star review I received one day for Out of Time, and it initially sent me to bed for 2 days. I cried and ate like there was no tomorrow.

In the end it was a, shall we say, a fake review. The reviewer talked about my book in percentages instead of paragraphs, pages, or chapters. I looked at his (or hers) review history, and it seems he reviewed many books that way. I noticed he had bought the kindle version of Out of Time but returned it because it 'wasn't worth the money'. He ended all his reviews that way. Eventually Amazon caught on and deleted his review and his history. 

Since then I realized that since I am a professional author, and in putting myself out there I've opened myself up to criticism, and I better be adult enough to take it if I wanted to keep on doing what I'm doing.

Sep 13, 2:31PM EDT0
If you could travel through time to visit a special time period or famous person, what or who would it be and why?
Sep 13, 1:56PM EDT0

If I could travel through time I would travel back to a time when my mother was healthy. I could spend more quality time with her knowing that that time was going to end soon and appreciate her (more) for the wonderful woman she was.

I don't know that I'd travel back in time to visit a celebrity because I'm not sure I even appreciate any one 'celebrity' enough to want to spend time with one. I know that when Alan Rickman died I actually cried a little. I really enjoyed his movies over the years and even his talk show interviews painted him to not only be a master at his craft, but a true, down to earth person. And I found him very attractive. LOL

Sep 13, 2:22PM EDT0

Is you book still selling copies? Would you agree it has been profitable?

Sep 13, 12:34PM EDT0

I sell about 10 copies of each of my books on Amazon, and that's right around the time of release. I sell more copies on my own when I do craft shows and vendor events. Is my writing profitable? No, right now I have to admit it's not. But the sense of accomplishment I feel when I've finished a novel is... priceless. Plus my head would explode if I didn't get those stories out of my head. LOL

Sep 13, 1:54PM EDT0
When you started to write Out of Time, did you have a particular goal (besides writing a book) that you wanted to achieve with the book?
Sep 13, 12:22PM EDT0

My whole life has been set on a foundation of unrealistic expectations. With that said I wrote the first 35 pages of Out of Time after a 10 year hiatis from writing. My mother passed away in 2003 and I stopped writing because she was the one I would run all my story ideas past before writing them down. Then I would read her the story, she being my biggest fan. In those 10 years I felt no compulsion to write, I felt no inspiration. But once I got the idea for Out of Time and it did look like it might actually become a novel my mind went back to wanting to be a bestseller. I sent out many queries to so many potential agents and some even took the time to send me rejections.

Sep 13, 1:49PM EDT0
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