AMA about Dreams, Writing, and Having Faith in God.

Sharon Thacker Tooson
Nov 16, 2017

AMA about Dreams. I have a special gift to analyze dreams and help others understand the message that God is speaking to you.  I am an author, Mom and spiritual coach.  AMA me about how to write your first book or what it takes to start writing and publishing your first novel.  AMA anything about dreams and I will help you analyze some of the strangest dreams and tell you what they mean for your life. 


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what kind of special gift you have and how long you had it for. and if want you can tell me something just saying it with a smiling face. and how do you become a spiritual coach? take care and hope you have a blessing thanksgiving 

Nov 22, 4:59PM EST0

Where did you live the most of your life?

Nov 22, 10:28AM EST0

I grew up in Long island N.Y. 

Nov 22, 2:02PM EST0

Do you get people with bad dreams? If so, what do you do?

Nov 20, 4:09AM EST0

Yes, a bad dream or nightmare usually can be interpreted based on some type of fear or energy that has happened in that person's life.  Often our dreams will help us awaken emotions in our unconscious state to help us.  Try to examine what is happening in your life or happened that would lead to these thoughts and dreams. It could be a cry for help that some part of you needs healing emotionally. 

Nov 20, 7:52AM EST0

Were you born with the gift or it just came up?

Last edited @ Nov 17, 9:33AM EST.
Nov 17, 9:32AM EST0

I believe I was born with it but didn't realize I had if until I was 16. As I do more with dreams I understand my gifting better

Nov 17, 10:13AM EST0

what does it mean to see your self swimming in a sea in the dream ?

Nov 16, 1:02PM EST0

It all depends on what's going on in your life when you dream this.  this could mean you are swimming in opportunities or searching for something that is sea deep in your life. The key is to determine how you feel and what is going on in your mind in the dream. Do you feel lost, confused, excited, happy. This could determine why you are in a sea. The sea would represent what you are swimming in.. could be a sea of happiness, sadness, lost feeling etc.  it's all specific to what you are going through. 

Nov 16, 1:06PM EST0

How can someone improve their writing skills ?

Nov 15, 4:56AM EST0

It takes a lot of writing and rewriting. Even from my first book to now, I can see the improvement in my writing. It comes with time and wisdom.

Nov 16, 12:54PM EST0

What was one of your biggest setbacks, and how did you overcome it?

Nov 14, 1:54PM EST0

OH goodness.. I have had sooo many. I know for sure that my faith in God has brought me through many trials.  My biggest was having surgery on my foot and gaining weight. But I was able to get back in therapy and begin to be myself again. 

Nov 14, 7:46PM EST0

What do you believe are your exact social responsibilities?

Nov 14, 12:51PM EST0

Hmmm as a leader and advise. I believe I should always be kind, friendly and a role model to others.  I am by no means perfect but I love to try to help and be a blessing to others.  Just be kind to one another and help where and when I can. 

Nov 14, 7:44PM EST0

To be kind to those around me. Try to do something to help others and share in my knowledge and help others to grow

Nov 16, 12:55PM EST0

What religion are you?

Nov 14, 4:33AM EST0

I am non-denomination.  My church has over 140 nations of people represented. It's just people who love to worship and do God's work. 

Nov 16, 12:57PM EST0

Did you enjoy English as a child?

Nov 14, 3:59AM EST0

I did enjoy English as a child. My mom was always big on correcting us with the usage of the English language. I find myself doing that as a mom now.LOL

Nov 14, 7:42PM EST0

What do you do in your spare time?

Nov 14, 2:46AM EST0

I Do a lot of journaling and listening to a podcast or Utube videos that could enhance my writing or my life. I  also love to spend time with my family, movies, dinner and simply enjoying life. 

Nov 14, 7:41PM EST0

Do you feel like your characters are your friends or are they more like extensions of yourself?

Nov 13, 9:12AM EST0

I mostly write from real life experiences so my characters are real. In some case the names are changes but the actions and character traits are people I have dealt with personally.

Nov 14, 7:39PM EST0

How do you make an income while you are writing?

Nov 12, 8:52AM EST0

There's a lot to do. Social media, digital Marketing, book shows and conferences, eBooks, speaking engagements. You have to really promote yourself or have a good marketing specialist to keep you active and earning money. 

Nov 12, 4:50PM EST0

What inspires you to write?

Nov 12, 2:02AM EST0

Life experience and trying to find something good out of all situations even the bad ones. 

Nov 18, 9:57PM EST0

Do you think that physical books will eventually become obsolete?

Nov 11, 8:19PM EST0

I don't think they will be obsolete. Like me, some people just like to feel a book in their hands. Either way authors and publishers will adjust to the needs of the readers. 

Nov 11, 9:02PM EST0

What do you think of the trend in digital media nowadays?

Nov 11, 4:32PM EST0

I think it's great. People are attached to their computers, iPads, and phones so why not have books accessible so everyone can keep reading. 

Nov 11, 9:01PM EST0

What was the first book that you read?

Nov 11, 3:32PM EST0

I recall reading a lot of Amelia Bedelia books and Nancy Drew mysteries

Nov 16, 12:53PM EST0

Do you have a Facebook page I could like?

Nov 11, 12:19PM EST0

Yes thank you. @toosontownpublishing on Facebook, Twitter 

My website is www.toosontownpublishing.com

Nov 11, 2:42PM EST0

How do you know if your writing is good enough or appealing enough to outside audiences?

Nov 11, 12:15PM EST0

The best way is to test it out with doing a blog or writing an article of some kind. See what kind of feedback you get from your writing and how others respond to it.  This can be a teaching tool as to what are your strengths and weaknesses as a writer

Nov 11, 2:41PM EST0

Have you always been religious?

Nov 11, 10:05AM EST0

Depends on what you define as religious.  For me, I grew up Lutheran and learned about the Bible, the Roman Catholic church, Martin Luther's thesis, and all the sacraments of the church. As I grew older, I developed a personal relationship with God and was no longer about doctrines but about my faith and Salvation, and a personal relationship with God 

Nov 11, 2:39PM EST0

What's your favorite style of writing?

Nov 11, 8:15AM EST0

I tend to write like I talk. I am very honest, bold and real with my writing and I want the reader to be able to relate and feel like I am someone who is an old friend. 

Nov 11, 2:35PM EST0

Likewise my favorite style would be self-help books that have relatable experience that can help me. 

Nov 11, 2:36PM EST0

How long does it take you to come up with a topic?

Nov 11, 6:21AM EST0

I don't have a timeline on that.  For me, I may have witnessed something and written about it that inspires me to want to write a story.  Again if you are passionate about a topic it doesn't  take long to know you want to write about it. 

Nov 11, 2:34PM EST0

Do you sketch your storyline before you start?

Nov 11, 3:50AM EST1

It depends on what I am writing about. In some cases, I may have been just blog writing or journaling and got an idea that I found I could develop into a book. It just varies and depends on what I feel passionate about with each book.

Nov 11, 2:32PM EST0

god exists everywhere.

Nov 11, 12:47AM EST0

Yes i believe he does.  He created us and the world we live in so he is everywhere. 

Nov 11, 2:30PM EST0

How long have you been writing?

Nov 10, 7:54PM EST0

Honestly all my life, however in the last 3 years is when I became a published authorl 

Nov 10, 10:10PM EST0

Who is a trending author to watch out for nowadays in your eyes?

Nov 10, 4:32PM EST0

Well, since I am a writer I want to say me..LOL However since I have been writing my time to read others has been limited. But since I am a Christian author I like John Bevere,  Lisa Bevere , John Maxwell, Max Lucado and Priscilla Shirer Thank you for your question.

Nov 10, 10:14PM EST0
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