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Meghan C.
Jan 10, 2018

Our company offers a number of services to help promote your books. Bring your characters to life with a character trailer. Models will act as characters from your book. Services include Live Book promotions, Live Book Reviews, Live giveaways, and more. Each service is a live event to help promote your books. Character models will go live during each promotion. Discuss your books, help with giveaways and answer reader questions. Facebook Live is a great marketing tool for exposure. Most of our models have a large following. Live events will also be shared via our blog sponsors.


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You will be launching the site on the 13th of January,how is promotion and marketing going?

Jan 10, 9:15PM EST0

There is a lot of competition and negative individuals that flag our company posts on Facebook. Other social media outlets allow our promoting to run smoothly. Marketing through Linkedin has brought us the most exposure. 

Jan 10, 9:30PM EST0

Do you have back-up plans in case a live promotion or live book reviews gets bashed or gets negative responses?

Jan 10, 3:30PM EST0

Yes, we have admins availabe to monitor each live event and remove any negative comments or questions. We aware that with any live event, there will be cyberbullies waiting for a chance to bring negative energy. 

Jan 10, 7:05PM EST0

How many of you are working on this website? What was the brainstorming process like?

Jan 10, 6:12AM EST0

We have a team of 15, which include web developer, admins, and personal assistants. It took us almost 2 years to develop everything,  We had to do a lot of marketing research to see what would bring exposure to all parties involved. 

Jan 10, 10:17AM EST0

Can you cater to multiple Live telecasts?

Jan 10, 12:36AM EST0

Yes, we can cater to multiple Live telecasts with the number of models we have and the software we use. 

Jan 10, 10:18AM EST0

Will you be screening out clients? Are there rules and restrictions,if any, what are those?

Jan 9, 10:52PM EST0

Clients work directly with our staff, there is no interaction with any of the Models. The Client's monologue or promotion is emailed or texted to the model by one of our staff members. Models and client are given a non-disclosure form to sign before any work is done to protect each parties rights. Models are given a copy of the clients monologue or book, which they can decide to work on the project or not. 

Jan 9, 10:57PM EST0

How did you come up with the name Character Trailers?

Jan 9, 3:30PM EST0

The name speaks for itself, its a book trailer with real life characters. This is how we came up with the name Character Trailers. 

Jan 9, 9:35PM EST0

Character Trailer is a new site, what does it aim to develop in the next few months?

Jan 9, 12:30PM EST0

The feedback from clients and publishing companies have been enormous. We hope to grow the buisness and expand with a studio in the near future. 

Jan 9, 9:35PM EST0

This is an interesting service. Who will do the model acting character from an author's book? Do you have a separate team of actors or actresses?

Jan 9, 8:54AM EST0

Models will act as characters from the Author's book. Models are from different races and ethnic groups.  Models can select the book genre they would like to read from. 

Jan 9, 9:25PM EST0

What are your challenges now that the site launching is fast approaching?

Jan 9, 7:46AM EST0

The main challenge is making sure Clients are happy with the model selections. If a client isn't able to select a model, we will have to search for a new model that meets the character's description.

Jan 9, 7:59AM EST0

Do you have certain policies to make sure that models are treated professionally?

Jan 9, 5:54AM EST0

Models do not interact with the client. Monologues are screened before sending it to the model. We have admins to monitor any innaprpriate comments or interactions from cyber bullies during live events. Non-Disclosure forms are signed by all parties involved.

Jan 9, 7:34AM EST0

How will you screen your actors and actresses? What are your requirements?

Jan 9, 3:49AM EST0

Models are sent a test monologue to read. Test monologues must be recorded and sent back. We are looking for personality, excellent reading skills, and the ability to get into character.

Jan 9, 7:24AM EST0

How long did it take you and your team to conceptualize this?

Jan 8, 10:42PM EST0

We've work with authors since 2011. Past services included Graphic design, marketing, and basic trailers. Two years ago we noticed that the basic booktrailers were not getting enough exposure. So we brainstorm about making the character come alive. We hired a model and did a few test runs. The outcome and feedback from Clients gave us the motivation to take our concept to the next level.

Jan 9, 7:17AM EST0

How much would it cost an author or an artist to take advantage of your services?

Jan 8, 2:31PM EST0

Prices vary depending on the service. If you'd like a character trailer, prices start at $100 for 1 minute monologue. For Live Promotions, models go live and promote your upcoming novel or product, price: $75. Visit our sit to learn more about different services and prices.


Jan 8, 7:29PM EST1
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How will you deal with cyberbullies?

Jan 8, 1:54PM EST0

Ignore, Ignore, Ignore. Thats the best policy. 

Jan 8, 2:08PM EST0

Do authors get the privilege to choose the models who get to play the characters on his/her book? Is that how it works?

Jan 8, 8:37AM EST0

Of course, Authors are able to choose from a list of models. They can also choose the Models apperance for the character. Apperance can be to dress casual, sexy, trendy, etc...no nudity.  

Jan 8, 8:41AM EST0

What would you like to achieve in the next 3-5 years?

Jan 8, 8:36AM EST0

We would like to expand by opening up a studio and allowing models to perform 30 - 45 minute skit from the Client's book. 

Jan 8, 8:42AM EST0

What is the most enjoyable part of doing this site?

Jan 8, 7:24AM EST0

The most enjoyable part is being able to read client books and new releases. I love reading!

Jan 8, 8:22AM EST0
What happens if models get job offers outside of Character Trailers? Will you allow this?
Jan 8, 5:51AM EST0

We encourage models to take job offers outside of Character Trailers. Sometimes business is slow and the good thing about Character Trailers is the exposure models receive. Models are promoted through multiple social media outlets, Sponsors, Live streaming, and more. Models will often be asked to work other gigs. We ask models to give us notice if they are unable to work due to another job offer or gig.

Jan 8, 6:16AM EST0

That's great from your side, I wish you great success.

Jan 13, 7:19AM EST0
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