Aug 19, 2018

When is it time to commit your effort and resources into trying to be a successful author? Ask me anything about it.

Mike Sims: Fiction writers have a lot more flexibility in how they market their books and selves.  Stephen King jokes around a lot.  However non-fiction need to be serious and factual all the time.  They have to present stabilty and accuracy.  That is a tough p…
Aug 15, 2018

Do you want companies to read what you type on your mobile? Fleksy lets you write privately, without any organisation using your data. AMA!

Fleksy: Fleksy does not collect users' data, and ensures partners follow the same principles. This is the reason we chose Qwant as our search engine. About Qwant Qwant is the first European search engine with its own in…

Hi, I am Billiejo I write erotica, I show the real meaning of writing, and mixing genres together AMA

Billiejo Priestley: Hi Silvia. I tend to write throughout the day, I do find my most effective time is late at night.  I listen to music every time I write as well, it helps drown out other noises around me.  Thank you for your question. 

Ask Me Anything about my book Edge Of The World: The Chosen Path.

LeRoy A. Peters: It isn’t about westerns per se, but novels set in the Fur Trade truly inspired me to do a trilogy. Series like the Wilderness by David Thompson, Rendezvous by Win Blevins and Grizzly Killer by Lane R. Warenski.

Human Trafficking Survivor and Author, fighting to find the girls I left behind. Ask me ANYTHING!

Amanda Blackwood: You are correct, nobody is immune to the effects of human trafficking.  Many people think my organization is just about being redheads, but it's not. While the events are redhead events and gatherings, that was simply because there was a need here an…

I've launched multiple New York Times bestselling books for top authors you likely know. AMA.

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