I’m Julia Tagliere, writer, editor, and purveyor of unsolicited opinions. From freelancer cattle calls and self-publishing to M.A. programs, lit journals, and fellowships, I’ve been climbing the literary food chain since 2005. AMA!

Julia Tagliere: Hello! I've been fortunate to start publishing things here and there, and I'm super grateful for all of those opportunities. But I'm still hoping that one of my next two novels will wind up being traditionally published. I don't regret self-publishin…

Hi! I'm an Amazon best selling independent author. I've written and published three full-length fiction novels, with a fourth scheduled for release this summer. Also, I make a mean martini. Go on, ask me anything.

Brandon Zenner: Hello,  Simple answer: after I write it ... Ha! The second installment, Butcher Rising, is on pre-order now. I'm taking the rest of the summer off to spend time with my family, promote the new release, and help my wife out with her hair salon that sh…

I'm Marci Lyn Curtis, critically acclaimed author of The One Thing (Disney-Hyperion, 2015) and the forthcoming The Leading Edge of Now (KCP, September 2018). Ask me anything!

marcilyncurtis: Hi Dennis! This is a great question! My husband, friends, and family all say that they can hear my sarcastic voice yapping in their heads when they read my books. Ha! So it's not that I enjoy writing sarcastic characters, necessarily, this is just my…
Jul 17, 2018

'On Either Side.' A tragic World War Two story is seen through the eyes of a German war hero. AMA about the book and why I decided it was a story that needed telling

merilon: No, although I'm often dog-sitting my daughter's Spaniel. I'm no fan of cats but I adore dogs (especially German Shepherds) and will get another again soon. This was my last called Jasmin

New comic book writer and storyteller AMA!

theconjuringpen: Honestly that's still something I am trying to get stronger in.  I see my stories as almost live action clips in my head as I am writing them.  So I can write down easily what's happening and what the characters are saying.  But then translating that…
Jul 18, 2018

Write your thoughts quickly-Ask Me Anything about writing a book in 30 days, organizing your thoughts into a book and letting people know your book exists.

Ankito: Hello, certainly it’s possible to write a good book in 30 days. Of course, we do have to take into account the research that needs to be done, such as, in a biography or textbook. With these types, it can certainly be more of a challenge.  For examp…

AMA | Travel Writer & Independent Blogger - A Dreamer With a Penchant to Spin Magic with Words

Santwona Patnaik: I am generally a talkative person, a great listener but somehow, not good at speaking about my own self. I generally tend to hide my real emotions in public. That pushed me into writing in a way, because I express best when I write.  Since we are in …

AMA about the joys of writing children’s fiction that challenges societies expectations of us?

Alice Clover: Hi Cekovn. I think it depends on the type of writing. Quite often in poetry the translation doesn’t work the same in a different language than the original but other genres work perfectly well and reach a far wider audience. My story Florence and Gra…

I am the Author of MMi an action thriller novel...AMA!

Feel free to ask me anything about Code of Rainbow Series

CodeofRainbow: Write good stories and have a positive impact on my readers, especially the younger generations. Check JOHNBUKASA's question below, it's relevant to yours.
Jul 18, 2018

AMA about writing comic scripts, finding artists, letterers, colourists, and publishers.

Eric Gahagan: When you are a writer publishing as an independent you are essentially the producer or the director. You are the one with the vision for the project and you essentially make the decisions on hiring the rest of the creators, promoting the book, and cr…

Ask me anything about my Latest Self-help Book "Redefining Success"

Julio Briones, PWF: When dealing with a client that is facing a prison sentence, we cover the basics about survival and maneuvering, because it is what is expected and what will keep the client most calm and focused. What I like to be the main focus during the consultin…
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